Stand package Comfort Line – With a personal note

The stand construction with individual design possibilities of the column.


  • Octanorm system walls, height approximately 2.5 m, white
  • Corner cupboard, 1 sqm, with lockable door and wardrobe board
  • Waste Paper Basket
  • Truss beams, top edge height approximately 2.5 m, with continuous fascia board
  • Semi-circular design element, height approximately 3.0 m, white, with digital print
  • Digital print on wall panels (except door element)
  • 1 LED long-arm spotlight 20W per tower
  • Fascia board with company logo
  • 1 LED spotlight 10W per full 3 m² stand space


  • Electrical connection 3 kW (incl. consumption, 1 socket, stand earthing)
  • Daily cleaning (cleaning carpets, wiping tables and counters, vacuuming upholstered chairs)
  • Daily waste disposal (provision of a 60 l garbage bag per day, including disposal)


Basic Version – 278.00 € / sq.m.* (bookable until 4 weeks before event)

Basic Version – 278.00 € / sq.m.* (bookable until 4 weeks before event)

Basic Version – 278.00 € / sq.m.* (bookable until 4 weeks before event)

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Additional Equipment


Reinforced system wall element for installation of screens, exhibits, etc.


Version graphic panel - Octanorm


Version display cabinet with downlight and door


Logo print for fascia board ComfortLine (max. L=180cm)


Version backlit panel, for half-round pane


Version graphic panel - half-round panel

Furniture Packages

Furniture packages are only bookable in connection with a shell scheme.

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Packages Available

Furniture Package 1


Furniture Package 2


Furniture Package 3


Seating Set 2


Seating Set 3


* All prices mentioned remain subject to rental provision including assembly, disassembly, and transportation, plus applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.