Climate protection principles of Hamburg Messe und Congress

  • We acknowledge our responsibility for climate protection.
  • We understand climate protection as a management responsibility. All executives at HMC are required to contribute to achieving our climate protection goals.
  • We believe that climate protection starts at the workplace. All staff are therefore required in their daily work to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We regard climate protection as an increasingly important field of activity. Our business goals are therefore not in conflict with, but rather in keeping with climate protection.
  • We comply with the legal requirements on climate protection. As a company that is committed to climate protection, we aim to reduce greenhouse gases in our business activities by more than what the law requires.
  • We intend to monitor our climate protection activities continuously, and to improve them as far as possible.
  • Climate protection is an important activity for society. We therefore wish to maintain a dialogue with our employees, our Supervisory Board, our shareholder, our customers and suppliers and with the general public on climate protection in the conference and exhibition sector. We take questions, suggestions and criticisms seriously.

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Header: © Hamburg Messe und Congress / Jürgen Nerger