Furniture Packages and Seating Sets

The furniture packages and seating sets can only be ordered in combination with a system stand

Furniture Package 1 [L40001]

Price: 273€*


  • 1x Table 70x70cm, white (Item No. L405001)
  • 4x Upholstered Chair, anthrazit/chrome (Item No. L405051)
  • 1x Barstool "Z", black/chrome (Item No. L405060)
  • 1x Information Counter lockable, white (Item No. L404003)

Furniture Package 2 [L40002]

Price: 389 €*

Package Contents:

  • 1x Bistrotable, white, D=60cm (Item No. L405030)
  • 1x Barcounter lockable, white (Item No. L404008)
  • 5x Barstool "Z", black/chrome (Item No. L405060)
  • 1x Brochure Rack L-Form, triple (Item No. L406002)

Möbelpaket 3 [L40003]

Price: 655 €*

Package Contents:

  • 1x Coffeetable, white/wood (Artikelnummer: L405018)
  • 3x Loungechair, white/grey (Artikelnummer: L405058)
  • 1x Barstool, white/wood (Artikelnummer: L405064)
  • 1x Barcounter mit Holz-Thekenplatte, ca. 50x100x110cm (Artikelnummer: L404012)

Sitzgruppe 1 [L40004]

Price: 226,79 €*

Package Contents:

  • 1x Table 70x70cm, white (Item Nr. L405001)
  • 4x Stacking Chair, light oak (Item Nr. L405057)

Seating Set 2 [L40005]

Price: 617,12 €*

Package Contents::

  • 1x Bistrotable 60x120x110cm, white (Item Nr. L405017)
  • 4x Barstool with backrest, white (Item Nr. L405062)

Seating Set 3 [L40006]

Price: 275,80 €*

Package Contents::

  • 1x Coffee Table, 55x55x45cm, white
  • 4x Seat Cube, 50x50x50cm, black

* All prices mentioned remain subject to rental provision including assembly, disassembly, and transportation, plus applicable taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.