Acting responsibly is a key component of our corporate culture and is the basis of the trust placed in us daily by our exhibitors, visitors, suppliers, the authorities and the general public.

Corporate responsibility also means complying with the laws and regulations. Compliance – that is keeping to the legal requirements and internal rules – is a self-evident necessity for us. To underscore its importance, HMC management has implemented a Compliance Management System. The main elements are the code developed by management, the Corporate Compliance Programme, the appointment of a Compliance Advisor, and training of our employees.

The major goals of our compliance programme are to minimise company risks and damage and to increase process efficiency.

In addition, since 2009 we regularly issue a compliance declaration related to the Hamburg Corporate Governance Code, and have set ourselves the goal of further developing the principles and activities of our company based on integrity, fairness and ethical standards.

Do you have questions about compliance at HMC?

Please contact our Compliance Officer at the e-mail:

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