Corporate Compliance Statement

Responsible behaviour is an integral part of our corporate culture and the basis for the trust that our customers, suppliers, authorities and the general public place in us every day.

Taking responsibility also means acting lawfully. Compliance - adherence to laws and internal guidelines - is a matter of course for us. In order to emphasise the importance of compliance, we have implemented a compliance management system since 2008 to ensure that our company's behaviour is ethical and complies with the law.

The compliance management system also serves to prevent and avoid violations. Our Management Board, managers, all employees and our stakeholders (e.g. suppliers and customers) are committed to this objective.

As part of our compliance management system, we have appointed a Compliance Officer since 2008, who is responsible for implementing and monitoring our compliance management system and training employees.

Key obligations, guidelines and values for the legally compliant conduct of our company are derived from our  Corporate Compliance Programme (internally) and our Declaration of Conformity with the Hamburg Corporate Governance Policy (externally).

We have set ourselves the goal of upholding the principles and actions of our company on the basis of integrity, fairness and ethical principles.

The specific compliance objectives of our company result directly from the responsibilities of our business activities, the organisation and implementation of trade fairs and events:

  • Ensuring safety at our exhibition centre (work and event safety)
  • Data protection in the workplace
  • Commitment to free competition (fair competition)
  • Fairness and respect in our dealings with each other

As our customer/supplying company/business partner, help us to minimise the risk of compliance violations!

If you have experienced or observed something that is not legally compliant or contradicts our corporate compliance statement, you have the opportunity to report the incident easily and anonymously:

Would you like to report a compliance violation?

Please use our digital whistleblowing system:


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Inter­nal Audit / Data Protec­tion / Compli­ance

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HMC's declaration of compliance with the Hamburg Corporate Governance Code (HCGK)

Here you will find the current and older versions of HMC's declaration of compliance with the Hamburg Corporate Governance Code (HCGK).
(only available in German)


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