Konferenz A - Raum Chicago, Reihenbestuhlung

Venues for any event

Whether for a conference, meeting or workshop, Hamburg Messe und Congress offers a wide choice of accessory spaces for the hall you rent. For example, the conference area right next to Hall A4 provides state-of-the-art meeting spaces for up to 1,200 guests. Conference Area B near Hall B3 can accommodate up to 650 guests. What is more, most of our halls feature directly accessible meeting rooms of various sizes for anywhere between 4 and 81 guests, depending on seating arrangement.

Konferenz A - Raum Chicago
Konferenz A - Raum Osaka
Konferenz A - Raum St. Petersburg
Conference A - Room Prag
Conference A - Room Shanghai (divided)
Conference B - Room Kopenhagen
Conference B - Room Kopenhagen

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