INTERNORGA FoodZoom 2.0: Fünf Trends im Außer-Haus-Markt

Trend 5: International Fun Facts and Eatertainment


The foodservice and hospitality market is diverse and dynamic. Guests are increasingly curious about international concepts and enthusiastic about exciting products, and new foods and beverages providing ‘eatertainment at its best’ are in demand. In the ‘International Fun Facts and Eatertainment’ chapter, the fifth part of the INTERNORGA FoodZoom 2.0 trend analysis focuses on another development that will have an important role to play this year. This includes international trends for energy drinks, sweet treats and taste experiences from all over the world. Fun and ‘eatertaining’ products can be discovered at INTERNORGA from 8 to 12 March 2024 in the Hamburg Messehallen trade fair halls.

Following on from the trendsetting updates on the topics of Sustainability, the Future of Proteins, Changing Tastes and the Healthy World, INTERNORGA FoodZoom 2.0 takesa look at the new, quirky and spectacular in the food and beverage sector in the ‘International Fun Facts and Eatertainment’ chapter. The internationally renowned trend researcher Karin Tischer from food & more in Kaarst has identified interesting concepts and products from around the globe that offer potential for a more local market. ‘Guests have always been curious about new products from all over the world, and that is still the case. In that context, being able to offer extraordinary “eatertainment at its best” is even better. Nothing in the world compares to the culinary cultures of Asia, the USA and Canada, as well as Mediterranean, Oriental and Nordic cuisines. Asian cuisine in particular provides a wealth of inspiration for the restaurant and catering sectors,’ says Karin Tischer.


Variety of drinks, from health kicks to energy boosts

Sometimes you need an energy boost to stay focused, which can be provided quickly and easily by an energy drink. Nowadays, however, the focus is on moving away from sugar and other additives towards more natural and healthy ingredients. Leading the way in that regard are raw and cold-pressed drinks with exotic ingredients such as the African superfruit baobab, turmeric and galangal. The bottles and cans they come in are stylish, functional and attention-grabbing, making them the trendy choice and ideal for on the go. The GUA brand from soft drink manufacturer Widerker Beverages GmbH fits that trend perfectly, offering healthy soft drinks made from guava and sold in colourful bottles. Guava soft drinks with lemongrass, ginger, chokeberry, saffron or roses provide diverse flavours and variety for guests. GUA-Limo can be found at INTERNORGA.


Eatertainment: a round-the-world trip of taste experiences

Cuisines from all over the world never cease to amaze with their various new trends. Under the motto ‘Eatertainment at its best!’, guests can expect to be served a wide variety of diverse international options. A continuous supply of new culinary highlights comes to Europe from Asia in particular: gua bao burgers from Taiwan, bulgogi ‘fire meat’ bowls and buldak ‘fire chicken’ from Korea, and mochi donuts and mango bread from Japan and Taiwan are just some of the imports providing fresh inspiration for the sector. Smoky balls from Dubai, cashew fruit juice from West Africa and music lollies from China are further exciting creations that are breathing new life into the foodservice and hospitality market and impressing guests.

The results of Karin Tischer’s research show that international innovations and dishes by no means conflict with guests’ desire for national and regional ingredients and meals. Traditional dishes in particular are more popular than ever, and their connection to childhood memories gives them a high level of emotional value.

The large Food & Beverages exhibition area at INTERNORGA is the place to discover the latest developments in drinks, desserts and dishes from all over the world. And if you want to know now what tomorrow will bring, don’t miss the Newcomers’ Area – the place where exciting product innovations and world firsts are presented to the public for the first time.

In addition to the ‘International Fun Facts and Eatertainment’ chapter, Karin Tischer has selected, prepared and presented four other trends for analysis in FoodZoom 2.0. The topics ‘Future of Proteins’, ‘Countdown to Sustainability’, ‘Changing Tastes’ and ‘Healthy World’ have already been published and can be found on the INTERNORGA website. All these focal points influence the foodservice and hospitality market and will feature in an exhibition or trend area at INTERNORGA 2024. In addition, the 2024 edition of the leading international trade fair will provide a comprehensive overview of industry innovations in a total of ten halls. The OFF THE RECORD Afterwork Lounge and the INTERNORGA Open Stage, which will play host to Karin Tischer’sPink Cube for the first time in 2024, provide places for visitors to network, exchange ideas and share knowledge.



INTERNORGA is the leading trade fair for hotels, restaurants, bakery and confectionery. As an annual meeting place for those industries, it will take place from 8 to 12 March 2024 on the grounds of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. National and international exhibitors will present their products, trends and innovations for the entire foodservice and hospitality market to trade visitors. The trade show is accompanied by international conferences, an extensive supporting programme, and innovative industry competitions.


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