Hall B6

This hall provides more than 13,000 square metres of exhibition space. That makes it the largest exhibition hall at the Hamburg Fair. Its wide glass façade towards Karolinenstrasse gives an excellent view of the heritage buildings in this street, creating a very pleasant atmosphere.

The hall has two entrances from the South Foyer. Halls B7 and B1 can be reached directly via a passage running next to the glass façade. That ensures short, direct connection to all other parts of the site.

Halls B5-B7

These new halls are characterised by transparency and impressive size. All of them are at ground level. They have plenty of light, with a ceiling height of 13 metres in all areas, and are capable of carrying extremely heavy structures, with a floor load capacity of 5,000 kg/m². That makes them very robust and appealing for exhibitions. There is a large logistics yard to facilitate assembly and dismantling. Access is very practical for visitors, via the South Entrance, which is right next to “Messehallen” station (U-Bahn).

Hall B6

Hamburg Messe - Location Hall B6 Location in the terrain
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